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July 26-28, 2021

+++ Worship Service Update +++

COR has followed the applicable state and county level guidelines throughout the pandemic. With the recent changes to this guidance and Arapahoe County’s move to COVID-19 Level Clear, our building is returning to 100% capacity for Worship Services during the County’s 90-day Observation Period. Reservations will no longer be required.

In addition, we are also adapting the State’s updated mask mandate. While masks are no longer required to attend services, we still encourage anyone over age 11 who is not fully vaccinated and anyone who may be uncomfortable without a mask to continue wearing them.


Our Sunday Worship Services are broadcast live!

Our Sunday Bible Information Class is broadcast live!

Worship Services

Sunday: 8:00am & 10:30am

Summer Worship: 9:00am
(Memorial Day – Labor Day)

Thursday Evening: 7:00pm
(except during Lenten and Advent Seasons)






Bible Studies

Sunday: 9:15am

Summer Bible Study: 10:00am
(Memorial Day – Labor Day)

Thursday Evening: 7:45pm
(except during Lenten and Advent Seasons)


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